Plyometrics + Yoga is our thing. The challenge gets you incredible results. Choose from many class options — they'll really make you sweat! Our schedule also includes some straight up yoga and barre options to mix it up.

Py 75
Our signature class. 75 minutes of hard work & results. The first 40 minutes jacks your heart rate with plyometrics and other cardio; then strengthen & recover with 35 minutes of active Vinyasa yoga.

Py 60
The 60-minute version of our signature class. 40 minutes of plyometrics, 20 of Vinyasa yoga.

Heated Py Sculpt.
This class is HOT. The beat sets the pace. We elevate your heart rate for an hour as bursts of cardio and plyometrics are queued with weights and strength moves. We heat it way UP to about 85 degrees, for a sweaty, challenging 60-minute class. We also have the same great Py Sculpt format without the heat.

Py Barre Barre with a plyometric twist. It’s strength training, isometric holds and small pulsing movements with heart-pumping ploymetrics for 60 minutes of a great workout.

Py 30
This 30 minute class kicks your butt with an 8-minute circuit that you repeat three times. You choose the intensity level as well as the length of time you want to push yourself during each minute of class. It's perfect for those who are new to Py, but don't be fooled...this class is still a killer workout!

Py 45
45 minutes of just plyometrics. This high intensity class is an incredible workout in less than an hour.