Plyometrics + Yoga + Infrared Heat is our thing. The challenge gets you incredible results. Choose from our signature classes below — they'll really make you sweat! Don’t love the heat? We have non-heated classes, too! At Py Method, there’s truly something for everyone.

Py 45 / 75
Py 45 / 75 is our two-part signature format that begins with a 45 minutes of plyometrics, cardio and bodyweight exercises (i.e. a Py 45 class) and ends with 30 minutes of Vinyasa yoga under infrared heat panels. This class is 75 amazing minutes hard work and results; however, if you’re short on time you can make this a Py 45 and jet before the yoga starts.

Py 45
45 minutes of plyometrics, cardio and bodyweight exercises.  This high intensity calorie torcher gets you in and out in under and hour. 

Heated Py Sculpt
The beat of the music often sets the pace throughout our signature Py Sculpt class, and we heat it UP with our state-of-the-art infrared heat panels! Cardio and plyos are queued alongside strength segments, making for a challenging 60-minute sweat session. (The heat is kept between 85 and 90 degrees.)

Py Sculpt
We know that working out in a heated environment isn’t for everyone, so we also offer our unheated Py Sculpt classes. It’s the same workout, but the temps are kept around between 74 and 78 degrees.

Our schedule also includes Infrared Heated Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, mat Pilates and Barre formats!