There’s power in the unique combo of intense plyometrics, active yoga, and infrared heat.

Athletic conditioning using HIIT (high intensity interval training) and plyometrics is a proven, back-to-basics ways to improve speed, power and endurance.  Plyometric training consists of quick, explosive movements that increase your heart rate and allow you to torch calories, so you'll see results quickly. 

Active recovery with Vinyasa yoga allows lactic acid to be released from the muscles, so you can lengthen, strengthen and avoid injury. 

Infrared heat increases metabolism, enhances the immune system, aides in preventing injury and detoxifies the body, among other things.

This perfect equation of plyometrics + yoga + infrared promises ongoing, infinite benefits, including: peak athletic performance, weight loss, increased strength and endurance, renewed energy, and improved flexibility.

“I’ve never been challenged like this before.” - Brad

the Founder

As an athlete I’m always looking for ways to train, but after having two kids (and limited free time!), I especially needed a way to train smarter. So, after years of instructing other workouts, I created my own, more effective format. Py Method gets you faster results and primes the body for ongoing progression. I’ve found that this unique combination of challenging cardio and yoga is truly the best way for me to improve my athletic performance. It keeps me in top condition and it allows me to continually progress. And frankly, I’ve never been in better health. Now, after bringing Py Method to the Minneapolis community for over a year, I can say that the benefits are universal and endless!

-  Amy Sonke

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